What makes a great therapist? Master the factors that contribute to superior performance in therapy

Dr. Barry L. Duncan, Psychologist. Psy. D.

Excerpt: introduction of the course

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  • 3h of continuing education
  • 19 lessons that last from 5 to 15 minutes each
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Some therapists achieve significantly better outcomes than their peers, even using the same model. Barry Duncan has spent decades researching therapeutic change—what works in therapy--and importantly, what makes one therapist better than another. Through research and a degree of detective work he has established which factors contribute to superior performance in therapy – and it is not what you might first think. In this rapid-fire workshop, Barry describes three things you can do immediately to join the ranks of 'Great Therapists.' Barry will also introduce the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), a designated evidence-based practice that provides a clear way to monitor and accelerate your development as a therapist while significantly improving your outcomes. Beyond current fads and the love affair with model and technique, this workshop will show you how to proactively attend to and accelerate your development, enhance the factors that account for change psychotherapy, and stay vitally involved in the work that you love.

About the expert

Picture of Barry L. Duncan

Barry L. Duncan, Psy.D. is CEO of Better Outcomes Now and a psychologist, trainer, and researcher with over 17,000 hours of clinical experience. Dr. Duncan is the developer of the clinical process of the evidence-based practice, the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), and leader of the team responsible for PCOMS scientific credibility and evidence-based status. Barry has over one hundred fifty publications, including 18 books, most recently, An Integrated eLearning Manual for Everything PCOMS (Duncan & Sparks, 2019) and On Becoming a Better Therapist, 2nd ed. (Duncan, 2014). Because of his self-help books (the latest is What’s Right with You), he has appeared on "Oprah" and several other national TV programs. Drawing upon his extensive clinical experience and passion for the work as well as his now 19 years of PCOMS implementation, Barry's trainings speak directly to both front line clinicians and administrators. He talks about what it means to do this work and how each of us can re-remember and achieve our original aspirations to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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Learning objectives

  1. Delineate the factors that account for change in therapy.
  2. Apply the research about the importance of client factors and the alliance to successful outcome.
  3. Elicit client feedback about the alliance and outcome to enable new directions in therapy and the recapturing of clients who would have otherwise not benefited.
  4. Monitor your development as a therapist and proactively learn from your non-responding clients.

Learning material

This workshop includes theory as well as clinical examples. It includes videos of 5 to 15 minutes each. The PowerPoint of the workshop can be downloaded.


  • 1. Presentation
  • How do we get better?

  • 2. Introduction to What Makes a Great Therapist
  • 3. Common Factors
  • Client factors and the therapeutic alliance

  • 4. Casting the Client in Heroic Roles
  • 5. Sam
  • 6. The Soul of Change
  • 7. Reliance on the Alliance
  • 8. Molly
  • The Partners for Change Outcome Management System: An antidote to wishful thinking

  • 9. When the Alliance is in Trouble
  • 10. Clinical vignette
  • 11. Whisful Thinking
  • 12. PCOMS
  • 13. ORS
  • 14. Clinical vignette
  • 15. How not to do the SRS
  • 16. Clinical vignette
  • 17. Hosting Therapeutic Conversation
  • 18. Therapist Growth
  • 19. Conclusion
  • Bibliography

CE Credits

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This training is intended for mental health professionals.

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  • 3h of continuing education
  • 19 lessons that last from 5 to 15 minutes each
  • 1 certificate of achievement
  • 1 bibliography
  • 1 course evaluation
  • 4 months unlimited access
  • 7-day money back guarantee

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