Terms and conditions

Modification of terms of use

Asadis reserves the right to modify the conditions of use without notice. The changes are effective from the effective date displayed on this page. (Last modification on November 4, 2018).


Privacy policy and confidentiality

When you register for a course, you authorize Asadis to create a file which may contain certain personal information within the meaning of the legislation in force. This information includes: your email address, your first and last name, your postal address. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed or sold to any other person or institution. At any time, you can ask Asadis to erase your personal information from its databases. This suppression will however make you lose access to your account because we need your email address to identify you.

Your name and an email address through which Asadis can communicate with you, constitute personal information that you must provide. Failure to provide this mandatory information makes it impossible to process the registration for online training.

If you wish to correct or edit any personal information contained in your file or if you wish to request access to the personal information that Asadis holds about you, you can contact an administrator at the following email address: contact@asadis.net

Creating a user account on the Asadis site requires a name and an email address. When you create a user account, you agree to:

  • not disclose your password;
  • not attempt to use the user account of another person;
  • not falsify your identity on the Asadis site;
  • not access this online training site using multiple user accounts


Google analytics

Asadis does not use Google Analytics or any tracker. In order to track our visit statistics, we use a solution which does not collect any personal data, which is completely anonymous and which does not allow the extraction of a user's activity on our site or for identifying a user on our site.


Cookies and other tracking

Asadis uses cookies only to allow you to use our site without re-entering your username and password. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in the memory of your device. You can ask your browser, by modifying its options, to stop accepting cookies. If you do not accept cookies, you will have to log in again each time a page loads.


Copyright and intellectual property

All content on this website (the material) is protected by copyright law.

The content and all other works contained in this site are the property of Asadis, which holds the exclusive intellectual property rights. These can take different forms including: images, texts, documents, videos and audios, presentations, graphic designs and any other content appearing on this site.

It is forbidden to:

  • use the material for commercial purposes;
  • sell or rent the material to anyone;
  • use the material in a manner that causes harm to Asadis, its employees or its users;
  • to distribute the material freely on the Internet;
  • to communicate the material to third parties;
  • Thereby anyone who wishes to reproduce, store, download, adapt, publish, translate or represent in public, on any medium and by any means whatsoever, sounds, text, images, videos, or communicate by telecommunication any document, data or other content resulting from this online training, must obtain the prior authorization of Asadis. It is however possible for you, without other written authorization, to consult and print the textual material referred to on the site for your personal use and for non-commercial purposes as long as the following copyright notice: © Asadis is included.

In addition, when using this material, no one may subtract the name Asadis, nor modify the content, by addition, deletion or any other means, without infringing the moral rights of Asadis.



Any violation of these conditions of use may result in:

  • The withdrawal of the privilege of access to Asadis training. This withdrawal may be affected without notice depending on the nature and seriousness of the breach.
  • The obligation to reimburse Asadis for any sum that the latter would be obliged to pay following an unauthorized, unlawful or fraudulent use of its services or following non-compliance with the conditions of use.


Responsibilities of Asadis

Asadis's obligations with respect to training are limited to those of deploying reasonable means so that it is made accessible to the participant taking into account their material and human resources.

Thus, Asadis cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, loss of profit or inconvenience that may be caused to a person, to a structure or to an entity on the occasion or as a result of the use of Asadis even in the event where it should, for some reason including due to cases of force majeure, reduce its services, or interrupt them, regardless of the duration of such decreases or interruptions.

At any time, Asadis can modify or delete part of the content of its training, whether it is a video, a text, an image, an audio document, or any associated document.



If you are not satisfied with a course you have purchased, you can request a full or partial refund up to 7 days after the start date of your course. Full refund will be made if you have viewed 60% of the lessons or less and have not passed the final assessment. If you have passed the final evaluation and have viewed more than 60% of the courses, the refund amount will be equal to the total amount of your payment for this training minus the amount corresponding to the courses taken.

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