About us


ASADIS (Actualisation des SAvoirs À DIStance - Updating Knowledge Remotely) is a continuing education school founded in 2017 by two enthusiasts of continuing education who wish to use technology to optimize the training of mental health professionals.

Our mission:

  1. Expand continuing education in mental health beyond borders and distance, by offering leading-edge training that allows learners access to accurate and relevant information;
  2. Improve dissemination of good practices in mental health, by addressing not only theories supporting clinical practice, but also, and above all, techniques and methods that can be put in place to provide quality services;
  3. Promote knowledge transfer and maximize the impact of mental health experts by making their work accessible to as many learners as possible.

The team

Photo de Pierre-Marie Houdry

Pierre-Marie Houdry is a psychologist, entrepreneur and web developer. He specializes in editing and in the advancement of mental health content online. Former editor-in-chief of the Journal des psychologues in France (with its 10,000 monthly readers), he actively contributed to the development of the journal's digital offering, to the diversification of published content and to the consolidation of the first professional journal dedicated to French psychologists. Since 2010, he advises structures working in the field of mental health and supports them in their communication strategies and their web content editing. He works in particular with the Agence des Nouvelles Interventions Sociales et de Santé, with the Club Être, the Francophone Association of Psychology and Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents, the journal Enfances et Psychiatrie, and the French Mental Health Federation... With Martin Drapeau, he is a founder of Asadis.

Photo de Martin Drapeau

Martin Drapeau is first and foremost a psychologist and professor of psychiatry and counseling psychology at McGill University (Quebec), but he also holds positions of associate professor or researcher in many other organizations, including the University of Sherbrooke, the International Center for Comparative Criminology and the Renard Knowledge Transfer Team at the University of Montreal. He is director of the Psychotherapies Research Group and co-director of the Best Practices in Psychology Research Laboratory at McGill University. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, of which he was also the Vice-President for several years, and served as President of the Clinical Division of the Canadian Society of Psychology and Quebec representative on the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association. Martin Drapeau is the founder and editor of Science and Practice and editor of Canadian Psychology, in addition to being a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. He also maintains a clinical practice at Médipsy, a private clinic he founded with Dre. Marilyn Fitzpatrick in Montreal. With Pierre-Marie Houdry, he is a founder of Asadis.

Photo de Martin Drapeau

Kimberly Lefebvre Lamarre is an entrepreneur and a specialist in project management. She studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Montreal - from which she graduated - and at the University of Liège in Belgium. She also studied fashion communication and marketing techniques. An expert in organizing events and managing projects in the field of psychology, she founded her own startup before joining Asadis where she coordinates the production of our training courses.

Photo de Aucéane Roux

Aucéane Roux is a film director, specialist in narration based on image and sound. She graduated in communication with a specialization in cinema from the École des médias of the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has directed numerous short films such as Zdravé A Silné (2019), Flush (2020) and Le vent du sud (2021). She also provides assistance for various projects, both corporate and creative. For Asadis, she is responsible for the clarity of the image editing, for the layout of the slides and for overseeing the sound.

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