Picture of Stéphane Bouchard [en]

Prof Stéphane Bouchard

Psychologist (Canada)

Dr. Stéphane Bouchard is the Canada Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsychology and a full professor of clinical psychology at the University of Quebec in Outaouais. As a scientist-practitioner, he has dedicated his career to developing clinically useful models and interventions and to conducting rigorous studies on the treatment of anxiety disorders and other mental disorders. His research focuses on the development of virtual reality environments to treat complex anxiety disorders as well as pathological gambling. He also conducts clinical trials on the effectiveness of in-virtuo exposure for anxiety disorders, as well as experimental studies to understand what makes virtual reality an effective therapeutic tool. In addition to this, Prof. Bouchard researches the clinical effects of telepsychotherapy (distance intervention) and how this intervention should be used to obtain optimal treatment outcomes. He has received several awards and distinctions, including the prestigious Adrien Pinard Prize for his significant contributions to the field of psychology.


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