Picture of Sheri Van Dijk

Sheri Van Dijk

Psychotherapist (Canada)

Sheri Van Dijk has been working with clients using DBT strategies for 20 years. She has written 7 books on how to tailor Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT skills to a range of disorders. Her book DBT Made Simple was conceived to make DBT more accessible to therapists working with diagnoses other than borderline personality disorder. The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bipolar Disorder is a guide for clients in using DBT skills to regulate emotion in their lives. Sheri is the winner of the 2010 R.O. Jones award of the Canadian Psychiatric Association for her research on using DBT skills with bipolar disorder. She has extensive training in mindfulness and DBT and has been running DBT-informed groups since 2004. Sheri is a lively and experienced presenter who has given dozens of workshops in Canada and internationally on DBT skills. Her popular presentation on DBT for Bipolar Disorder draws on her extensive research and clinical experience helping clients who have this difficult diagnosis.


Dialectical behavior therapy informed treatment of bipolar disorder

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