Picture of Michael Southam-Gerow

Prof. Michael Southam-Gerow

Psychologist (United States)

Professor Southam-Gerow is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He received his BA degree from the University of Michigan in 1989, completing his honors thesis with Vonnie McLoyd. After three years living in Seattle, he moved to Philadelphia and earned his PhD from Temple University in 1997 working with Phil Kendall. He completed his internship at the UCSD/VAMC consortium in San Diego, California. After a post-doc working with John Weisz at UCLA, he joined VCU as a professor in 2001. His research focuses on dissemination and implementation of treatments for kids and families, measurement of treatment integrity, and emotion regulation in children and adolescents.


Effective exposure therapy for children and adolescents: do’s and don’ts

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