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Prof Marilyn Fitzpatrick

Psychologist (Canada)

Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick is a Professor Emerita, McGill University, where she was the Director of the Counselling Psychology Program for many years. Her research focused on establishing an evidence-base for therapeutic processes, including the role of values. In her work as a psychologist for more than 30 years, she has helped clients to use their values to improve mental health and recover from many common clinical conditions like anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. She is passionately committed to helping others create lives of meaning and purpose. Prof. Fitzpatrick has launched a social media initiative named @hero_nextdoor on Instagram and YouTube. The account showcases caring values in everyday people and offers easy to understand suggestions about living according to values. She is currently writing a popular book on how to identify and live in congruence with values.

Area of interest

Counseling, Interpersonal Communication




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Working with your patients’ values to increase change in psychotherapy

Evidence-based values work and strategies to help clients reduce distress and live more meaningful lives.

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