Picture of Lynette Monteiro

Dr. Lynette Monteiro

Psychologist (Canada)

Dr. Lynette Monteiro is a registered clinical psychologist in Ontario, Canada. She is the co-developer of Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management (MBSM) and the co-director of the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic which was founded in 2003. Her passion has been in training health care professionals in the safe use of mindfulness approaches, including the cultivation of values-awareness to effect change. Because her roots are in Buddhism, the implementation of mindfulness in a secular and clinical format has been the focus of her research and publications. As an adjunct professor and clinical professor at Victoria University/University of Toronto, she has taught graduate level courses on Mindfulness and psychotherapy, mindfulness and ethics, and the Buddhist foundations of mindfulness. She has presented on the topic of mindfulness and ethics at several conferences and has published extensively on mindfulness.

Area of interest

Psychopathology, Counseling, Mental Illness




  • Monteiro, L., Musten, F., Halifax, J. (2013). Mindfulness Starts Here: An Eight-Week Guide to Skillful Living. Éd. FriesenPress. Canada
  • Monteiro, L., Compson, F., Musten, F. (2017). Practitioner's Guide to Ethics and Mindfulness-Based Interventions (Mindfulness in Behavioral Health). Éd. Springer. Canada


Mindfulness Based Symptom Management: the foundations, techniques, and best strategies for your clinical growth.

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