Picture of Keith Dobson

Prof. Keith Dobson

Psychologist (Canada)

Prof. Dobson is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary. His research has focused on both cognitive models and mechanisms in depression, and the treatment of depression, particularly using cognitive-behavioural therapies. In addition to his research in depression, Dr. Dobson has examined psychological approaches and the integration of evidence-based treatments in primary care. He has written about developments in professional psychology and ethics and has been actively involved in organized psychology in Canada, including a term as president of the Canadian Psychological Association. Dr. Dobson is also a principal investigator for the Opening Minds program of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, with a focus on stigma reduction related to mental disorders in the workplace.

Prof. Dobson’s research has resulted in over 300 published articles, 80 chapters, 17 books, and conference and workshop presentations in many countries. His recent books include the Handbook of Cognitive-behavioral Therapies, 4th Edition (2019, Guilford Press), Law, Standards and Ethics in the Practice of Psychology, 4th Edition (2021, Thomson Reuters), and The Stigma of Mental Illness (2021, Oxford University Press). Dr. Dobson is a fellow of several organizations, including the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and the Royal Society of Canada.


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