Picture of Peter Addy

Dr. Peter Addy

Psychotherapist (United States)

Dr. Peter Addy is a licensed professional counselor who provides psychedelic integration and harm reduction therapy at his private practice while training psilocybin facilitators in Oregon’s approved program. After conducting psychedelic research at Yale School of Medicine and co-founding the Yale Psychedelic Science Group, he transitioned into clinical practice. Grounding his work in principles of harm reduction and transpersonal psychology, Dr. Addy skillfully supports clients who use psychedelics. His therapy and teaching approach encourages dismantling systems of oppression and inspiring radical compassion. Passionate about equitable access, he wants to empower all people to explore their inner worlds safely.


Best practices for integrating psychedelic medicines into psychotherapy

Empirical Evidence and Reliable Insights into a Promising, Emerging Practice

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